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Why Outlyr?

With so much noise in today’s sports and entertainment landscape, brands must find a way to separate themselves, differentiate, become an outlier.

Outliers are rare, but not random. Once you understand the environment and opportunities that got them there, it’s easy to see why they stand above the rest.

No matter what we are creating, whether it is a large-scale event or an intimate brand experience, our approach is about being different. We strive to build strong relationships, create innovative experiences and ultimately, exceed all expectations. We not only want to lead the way in our industry, but we want to inspire others to stand out above the rest as well.

Creating the environment that produces outliers for our partners is what makes us Outlyr. We have the right combination of talent, collaboration, professionalism, integrity and inclusivity with a desire to learn and grow that creates the perfect conditions for unparalleled success.

The outlier isn’t random, it’s just the one that knew how to align all the variables and produce the only experience that stands out.

Outlyr | Experiences that stand out.


The three circles in our logo offer a nod to our roots in golf. Three circles are often used to score the ultimate outlier in the game – the albatross.
The three segments of the middle circle represent the three core elements of our business that make us stand out –
Our People, Our Clients and Our Exceptional Work.

While relationships and driving business value for our partners remains our top priority, both our business and team has grown significantly over the last few years, including many news events, several robust activation programs and the expertise of 40+ new team members.

Our core business continues to be centered around two capabilities: event production and sponsorship consulting and activation. However, we wanted to create a new brand to better reflect our expanded experience, skillset and collective personality that resonated with both our team and valued partners.

No matter what we’re creating, whether it is a large-scale event or an intimate brand experience, our approach is about being different. Our team builds strong relationships with our partners, creating custom and innovative experiences that exceed expectations and stand out. Ultimately, we create a platform for our partners to differentiate themselves…and that’s what makes us Outlyr.

– Tim Erensen & Andy Bush

Partners, Outlyr